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DENSO Iridium Super Ignition Spark Plug FXE24HR11

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Product Code: FXE24HR11

DENSO Iridium Super Ignition Spark Plug FXE24HR11

Availability: In stock

  • Iridium Super Ignition spark plugs offer improved horsepower and reduced fuel consumption
  • 0.4mm diameter iridium alloy center electrode
  • 0.7mm needle-type platinum alloy ground electrode
  • Iridium tip is fully protected by a laser welding
  • Reduced CO, CO2 and HC emissions due to improved ignition spark
  • Built-in resistor to eliminate electromagnetic noise interference
  • Lasts beyond 100,000 miles for ultimate endurance
  • Fitment Check With Vehicle Registration
  • For Road Use
  • Free Delivery for Orders Over £50 (or £25+ of Air Filters or Valeting products)*

Check FXE24HR11 fits your vehicle:

InfinitiEX201925 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201930 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiEX2019353498ccm 301HP 221KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2019373694ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2019373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201825 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201830 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiEX2018353498ccm 301HP 221KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2018373694ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2018373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201725 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201730 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiEX2017353498ccm 301HP 221KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2017373694ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2017373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201625 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201630 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiEX2016353498ccm 301HP 221KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2016373694ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2016373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201525 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201530 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiEX2015353498ccm 301HP 221KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2015373694ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2015373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201425 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201430 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiEX2014353498ccm 301HP 221KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2014373694ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2014373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201325 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201330 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiEX2013353498ccm 301HP 221KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2013373694ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2013373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2012252495ccm 238HP 175KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201225 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201230 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiEX2012353498ccm 301HP 221KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2012373694ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2012373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2011252495ccm 238HP 175KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201125 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201130 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiEX2011353498ccm 301HP 221KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2011373694ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2011373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2010252495ccm 238HP 175KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201025 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201030 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiEX2010353498ccm 301HP 221KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2010373694ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2010373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX200925 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2009353498ccm 301HP 221KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2009373694ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX200825 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2008353498ccm 301HP 221KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2008373694ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX200725 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201930d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiFX201935 AWD3498ccm 279HP 205KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201935 AWD3498ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201935 AWD3498ccm 307HP 226KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201937 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201937 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201945 AWD4494ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201950 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201950 AWD5026ccm 395HP 291KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201950 AWD5026ccm 420HP 309KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201830d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiFX201835 AWD3498ccm 279HP 205KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201835 AWD3498ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201835 AWD3498ccm 307HP 226KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201837 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201837 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201845 AWD4494ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201850 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201850 AWD5026ccm 395HP 291KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201850 AWD5026ccm 420HP 309KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201730d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiFX201735 AWD3498ccm 279HP 205KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201735 AWD3498ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201735 AWD3498ccm 307HP 226KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201737 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201737 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201745 AWD4494ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201750 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201750 AWD5026ccm 395HP 291KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201750 AWD5026ccm 420HP 309KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201630d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiFX201635 AWD3498ccm 279HP 205KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201635 AWD3498ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201635 AWD3498ccm 307HP 226KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201637 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201637 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201645 AWD4494ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201650 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201650 AWD5026ccm 395HP 291KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201650 AWD5026ccm 420HP 309KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201530d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiFX201535 AWD3498ccm 279HP 205KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201535 AWD3498ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201535 AWD3498ccm 307HP 226KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201537 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201537 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201545 AWD4494ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201550 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201550 AWD5026ccm 395HP 291KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201550 AWD5026ccm 420HP 309KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201430d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiFX201435 AWD3498ccm 279HP 205KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201435 AWD3498ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201435 AWD3498ccm 307HP 226KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201437 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201437 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201445 AWD4494ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201450 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201450 AWD5026ccm 395HP 291KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201450 AWD5026ccm 420HP 309KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201337 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201330d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiFX201335 AWD3498ccm 279HP 205KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201335 AWD3498ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201335 AWD3498ccm 307HP 226KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201337 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201337 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201345 AWD4494ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201350 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201350 AWD5026ccm 395HP 291KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201350 AWD5026ccm 420HP 309KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201237 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201230d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiFX201235 AWD3498ccm 279HP 205KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201235 AWD3498ccm 303HP 223KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201235 AWD3498ccm 307HP 226KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201237 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201237 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201245 AWD4494ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201250 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201250 AWD5026ccm 395HP 291KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2011353498ccm 307HP 226KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201137 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201130d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiFX201135 AWD3498ccm 307HP 226KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201137 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201145 AWD4494ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201150 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201150 AWD5026ccm 395HP 291KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2010353498ccm 307HP 226KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201037 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201030d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiFX201035 AWD3498ccm 307HP 226KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201037 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201045 AWD4494ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201050 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX201050 AWD5026ccm 395HP 291KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2009353498ccm 307HP 226KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2009353498ccm 279HP 205KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200937 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200935 AWD3498ccm 307HP 226KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200937 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200945 AWD4494ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200950 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200950 AWD5026ccm 395HP 291KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2008353498ccm 307HP 226KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2008353498ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200835 AWD3498ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2008454494ccm 316HP 232KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200845 AWD4494ccm 316HP 232KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2008353498ccm 279HP 205KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200837 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200837 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200845 AWD4494ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200850 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200850 AWD5026ccm 395HP 291KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2007353498ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200735 AWD3498ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2007454494ccm 316HP 232KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200745 AWD4494ccm 316HP 232KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2006353498ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200635 AWD3498ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2006454494ccm 316HP 232KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200645 AWD4494ccm 316HP 232KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2005353498ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200535 AWD3498ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2005454494ccm 316HP 232KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200545 AWD4494ccm 316HP 232KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2004353498ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200435 AWD3498ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2004454494ccm 316HP 232KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200445 AWD4494ccm 316HP 232KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2003353498ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200335 AWD3498ccm 280HP 206KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX2003454494ccm 316HP 232KW (Petrol)
InfinitiFX200345 AWD4494ccm 316HP 232KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2019373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2019373696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2019373696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2019373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2019373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2019252496ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2019373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2019373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2019373696ccm 327HP 240KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG201937 X3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2018373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2018373696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2018373696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2018373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2018373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2018252496ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2018373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2018373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2018373696ccm 327HP 240KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG201837 X3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2017373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2017373696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2017373696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2017373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2017373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2017252496ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2017373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2017373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2017373696ccm 327HP 240KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG201737 X3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2016373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2016373696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2016373696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2016373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2016373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2016252496ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2016373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2016373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2016373696ccm 327HP 240KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG201637 X3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2015373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2015373696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2015373696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2015373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2015373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2015252496ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2015373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2015373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2015373696ccm 327HP 240KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG201537 X3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2014373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2014373696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2014373696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2014373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2014373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2014252496ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2014373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2014373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2014373696ccm 327HP 240KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG201437 X3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG201337 X3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2013373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2013373696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2013373696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2013373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2013373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2013252496ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2013373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2013373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2013373696ccm 327HP 240KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG201337 X3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2012373696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG201237 X3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2012373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2012373696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2012373696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2012373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2012373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2012252496ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2012353498ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2012373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2012373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2012373696ccm 327HP 240KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG201237 X3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2011373696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG201137 X3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2011373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2011373696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2011373696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2011373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2011373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2011252496ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2011353498ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2011373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2011373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG201137 X3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2010373696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG201037 X3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2010373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2010373696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2010373696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2010373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2010373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2010353498ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2010373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2010373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG201037 X3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2009373696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG200937 X3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2009373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2009353498ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2009373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2009373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG200937 X3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2008373696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG200835 X3498ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG200837 X3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2008373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2008353498ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2008353498ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2008373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2008373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG200837 X3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG200735 X3498ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20073.53498ccm 299HP 220KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20073.5 X3498ccm 284HP 209KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2007373694ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20073.53498ccm 284HP 209KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2007353498ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2007353498ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20063.53498ccm 284HP 209KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20063.53498ccm 299HP 220KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20063.5 X3498ccm 284HP 209KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20063.53498ccm 284HP 209KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2006353498ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20053.53498ccm 284HP 209KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20053.53498ccm 299HP 220KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20053.5 X3498ccm 284HP 209KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20053.53498ccm 284HP 209KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2005353498ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20043.53498ccm 284HP 209KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20043.53498ccm 299HP 220KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20043.5 X3498ccm 284HP 209KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20043.53498ccm 284HP 209KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2004353498ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG200435 X3498ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20033.53498ccm 284HP 209KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2003353498ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG200335 X3498ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG20023.53498ccm 284HP 209KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG2002353498ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
InfinitiG200235 X3498ccm 260HP 191KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2019252495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201930 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiM2019373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201937 X3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2019565552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201956 X5552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2018252495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201830 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiM2018373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201837 X3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2018565552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201856 X5552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2017252495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201730 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiM2017373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201737 X3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2017565552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201756 X5552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2016252495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201630 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiM2016373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201637 X3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2016565552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201656 X5552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2015--5552ccm 420HP 309KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2015252495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201530 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiM2015373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201537 X3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2015565552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201556 X5552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2014--5552ccm 420HP 309KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2014252495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201430 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiM2014373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201437 X3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2014565552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201456 X5552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2013--5552ccm 420HP 309KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201335h3498ccm 306HP 225KW (Hybrid)
InfinitiM2013252495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201330 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiM2013373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201337 X3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2013565552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201356 X5552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2012--5552ccm 420HP 309KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201235h3498ccm 306HP 225KW (Hybrid)
InfinitiM2012252495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201230 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiM2012373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201237 X3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2012565552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201256 X5552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201135h3498ccm 306HP 225KW (Hybrid)
InfinitiM2011252495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201130 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiM2011373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201137 X3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2011565552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201156 X5552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2010252495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201030 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiM2010373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201037 X3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM2010565552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM201056 X5552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720193.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720193.73696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720193.7 Allrad3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720183.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720183.73696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720183.7 Allrad3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720173.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720173.73696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720173.7 Allrad3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720163.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720163.73696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720163.7 Allrad3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720153.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720153.73696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720153.7 Allrad3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720143.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720143.73696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720143.7 Allrad3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720133.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720133.73696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720133.7 Allrad3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720123.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720123.73696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720123.7 Allrad3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720113.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720113.73696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720113.7 Allrad3696ccm 334HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiM3720103.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020193.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020193.73696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020192.0 T1991ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020193.73696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020193.0 T2997ccm 405HP 298KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020193.0 T AWD2997ccm 405HP 298KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020182.0 T AWD1991ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020183.73696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020183.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020183.73696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020182.0 T1991ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020183.73696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020183.0 T2997ccm 405HP 298KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020183.0 T AWD2997ccm 405HP 298KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020172.0 T AWD1991ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020173.73696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020173.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020173.73696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020172.0 T1991ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020173.73696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020173.0 T2997ccm 405HP 298KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020173.0 T AWD2997ccm 405HP 298KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020163.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020162.0 T AWD1991ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020163.73696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020163.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020163.73696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020162.0 T1991ccm 211HP 155KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020163.73696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020163.0 T2997ccm 405HP 298KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020163.0 T AWD2997ccm 405HP 298KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020153.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020153.73696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020153.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020153.73696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020153.73696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020143.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020143.73696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020143.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020143.73696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020143.73696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020133.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020133.73696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020133.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020133.73696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ6020133.73696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020192.2 D2143ccm 170HP 125KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQ70201932993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQ7020193.5 Hybrid3498ccm 306HP 225KW (Hybrid)
InfinitiQ7020193.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020193.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020193.7 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020195.65552ccm 402HP 296KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020195.6 AWD5552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020183.73696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020183.7 AWD3696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020182.2 D2143ccm 170HP 125KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQ70201832993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQ7020183.5 Hybrid3498ccm 306HP 225KW (Hybrid)
InfinitiQ7020183.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020183.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020183.7 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020185.65552ccm 402HP 296KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020185.6 AWD5552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020173.73696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020173.7 AWD3696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020172.2 D2143ccm 170HP 125KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQ70201732993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQ7020173.5 Hybrid3498ccm 306HP 225KW (Hybrid)
InfinitiQ7020173.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020173.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020173.7 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020175.65552ccm 402HP 296KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020175.6 AWD5552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020163.73696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020163.7 AWD3696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020162.2 D2143ccm 170HP 125KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQ70201632993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQ7020163.5 Hybrid3498ccm 306HP 225KW (Hybrid)
InfinitiQ7020163.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020163.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020163.7 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020165.65552ccm 402HP 296KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020165.6 AWD5552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020153.73696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020153.7 AWD3696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020152.2 D2143ccm 170HP 125KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQ70201532993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQ7020153.5 Hybrid3498ccm 306HP 225KW (Hybrid)
InfinitiQ7020153.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020153.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020153.7 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020155.65552ccm 402HP 296KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020155.6 AWD5552ccm 408HP 300KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020143.73696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020143.7 AWD3696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020142.2 D2143ccm 170HP 125KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQ70201432993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQ7020143.5 Hybrid3498ccm 306HP 225KW (Hybrid)
InfinitiQ7020143.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020143.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020143.7 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020133.73696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020133.7 AWD3696ccm 335HP 246KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ70201332993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQ7020133.5 Hybrid3498ccm 306HP 225KW (Hybrid)
InfinitiQ7020133.73696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQ7020133.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX5020192.5 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201930d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQX50201937 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201937 AWD3696ccm 326HP 240KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201937 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX502018373696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX5020182.5 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201830d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQX50201837 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201837 AWD3696ccm 326HP 240KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201837 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX502017373696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX5020172.5 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201730d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQX50201737 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201737 AWD3696ccm 326HP 240KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201737 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX502016373696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX5020162.5 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201630d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQX50201637 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201637 AWD3696ccm 326HP 240KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201637 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX502015373696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX5020152.5 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201530d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQX50201537 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201537 AWD3696ccm 326HP 240KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201537 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX502014373696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX5020142.5 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201430d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQX50201437 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201437 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX502013373696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201330d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQX50201337 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX50201337 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX7020193.7 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201930d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQX70201937 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201937 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201937 RWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201950 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201950 AWD5026ccm 400HP 294KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX7020183.7 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201830d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQX70201837 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201837 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201837 RWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201850 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201850 AWD5026ccm 400HP 294KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX7020173.7 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201730d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQX70201737 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201737 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201737 RWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201750 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201750 AWD5026ccm 400HP 294KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX7020163.7 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201630d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQX70201637 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201637 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201637 RWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201650 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201650 AWD5026ccm 400HP 294KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX7020153.7 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201530d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQX70201537 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201537 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201537 RWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201550 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201550 AWD5026ccm 400HP 294KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX7020143.7 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201430d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQX70201437 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201437 AWD3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201437 RWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201450 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201450 AWD5026ccm 400HP 294KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX7020133.7 AWD3696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201330d AWD2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiQX70201337 AWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201337 RWD3696ccm 329HP 242KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201350 AWD5026ccm 390HP 287KW (Petrol)
InfinitiQX70201350 AWD5026ccm 400HP 294KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20193.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20193.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20193.73696ccm 332HP 244KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20193.73696ccm 337HP 248KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20193.7 NISMO3696ccm 355HP 261KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z2019NISMO 3.73696ccm 344HP 253KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20183.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20183.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20183.73696ccm 332HP 244KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20183.73696ccm 337HP 248KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20183.7 NISMO3696ccm 355HP 261KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z2018NISMO 3.73696ccm 344HP 253KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20173.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20173.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20173.73696ccm 332HP 244KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20173.73696ccm 337HP 248KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20173.7 NISMO3696ccm 355HP 261KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z2017NISMO 3.73696ccm 344HP 253KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z2016--3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20163.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20163.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20163.73696ccm 332HP 244KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20163.73696ccm 337HP 248KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20163.7 NISMO3696ccm 355HP 261KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z2016NISMO 3.73696ccm 344HP 253KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z2015--3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20153.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20153.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20153.73696ccm 332HP 244KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20153.73696ccm 337HP 248KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20153.7 NISMO3696ccm 355HP 261KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z2015NISMO 3.73696ccm 344HP 253KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z2014--3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20143.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20143.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20143.73696ccm 337HP 248KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20143.7 NISMO3696ccm 355HP 261KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z2014NISMO 3.73696ccm 344HP 253KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z2013--3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20133.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20133.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20133.73696ccm 337HP 248KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20133.7 NISMO3696ccm 355HP 261KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z2013NISMO 3.73696ccm 344HP 253KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20123.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20123.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20123.73696ccm 337HP 248KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20123.7 NISMO3696ccm 355HP 261KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20113.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20113.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20113.73696ccm 337HP 248KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20113.7 NISMO3696ccm 355HP 261KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20103.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20103.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20103.73696ccm 337HP 248KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20103.7 NISMO3696ccm 355HP 261KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20093.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20093.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20093.73696ccm 337HP 248KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z20093.7 NISMO3696ccm 355HP 261KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20193.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20193.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20183.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20183.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20173.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20173.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20163.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20163.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster2016--3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20153.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20153.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster2015--3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20143.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20143.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster2014--3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20133.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20133.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster2013--3696ccm 333HP 245KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20123.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20123.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20113.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20113.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20103.73696ccm 328HP 241KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20103.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
Nissan370 Z Roadster20093.73696ccm 330HP 243KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201925 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201930 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiEX2019353498ccm 301HP 221KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2019373694ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2019373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201825 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201830 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiEX2018353498ccm 301HP 221KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2018373694ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2018373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201725 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201730 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiEX2017353498ccm 301HP 221KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2017373694ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2017373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201625 AWD2495ccm 222HP 163KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX201630 D2993ccm 238HP 175KW (Diesel)
InfinitiEX2016353498ccm 301HP 221KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2016373694ccm 310HP 228KW (Petrol)
InfinitiEX2016373696ccm 320HP 235KW (Petrol)
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DENSO Iridium Super Ignition Spark Plug FXE24HR11

Improved acceleration, efficiency and reliability

DENSO Iridium Super Ignition spark plug range is certain to improve your cars acceleration as the electrode is formed into a double thin-needle shape.

The Iridium Super Ignition double needle shape means the flame kernel develops as the engine power is drawn out to its maximum potential.

Maximum Efficiency & Performance Fitting Tip:

  • Fit the DENSO spark plug with a torque wrench
  • Mark the spark plug bolt on the opening next to the electrodes
  • Put spark plug in at specific diameter dependent on the size of spark plug
  • There will be either 2N.m, 5N.m or 10N.m, diameter dependent, to turn the spark plug for the head to align with the inlet valve

Featuring a 0.4mm iridium alloy center electrode and a 0.7mm needle-type platinum alloy ground electrode, the Iridium Super Ignition spark plugs are protected by a 360° laser welding around the iridium tip.

DENSO Iridium Super Ignition spark plugs features:

  • Needle-thin electrodes allow ignition spark to grow 360° degrees for improved acceleration
  • Improvement on fuel consumption due to less combustion fluctuation
  • Reduced emissions as the improved ignition performance means using less CO, CO2 and HC emissions
  • Offer up to three times the life service of regular spark plugs as Iridium Super Ignition are designed to last beyond 100,000 miles

Due to the smaller electrodes, the ability of the air and fuel to mix is improved which allows ignition spark to expand faster and more powerfully, improving performance and fuel economy.

DENSO's Iridium Super Ignition range features an innovative technology that has created a unique iridium rhodium alloy with the highest iridium ratio for the center electrode, and also a bespoke platinum alloy for the ground electrode, allowing for an improved lifespan.

FeatureDENSO Iridium Super IgnitionNGK Iridium IX
Thread Diameter14mm14mm
Thread Length19mm19mm
Spanner Size16mm16mm
Electrode ProjectionProjectedProjected
Seat TypeFlatFlat
Terminal TypeSolidSolid
Detail, Dimensions/Sizes, Safety +

Additional Information

Manufacturer DENSO
Condition New
Weight 0.4000
Diameter 12
Installation Torque Nm 17
Other Part Number 267700-6970
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The product code (SKU) for this product is: FXE24HR11
Cross Referencing: Manufacturer's Part Numbers are for reference only.
DENSO Spark Plugs

DENSO Performance Spark Plugs

DENSO Iridium TT spark plugs are the most technologically advanced spark plug in the market designed to improve your cars performance.

Developing their spark plug range in-house, DENSO warehouses conform to QS 9000 and ISO 9000 matching high-end performance with exceptional manufacturing.

The Iridium TT range feature a twin-tip technology developed by DENSO, that features the smallest mass-produced iridium centre electrode at 0.4mm, whilst the 0.7mm platinum ground electrode is the smallest possible without reducing grounding strength or increasing electrode wear.

DENSO Iridium TT electrodes allow for less obstruction for the ignition spark which in turn produces a more complete combustion, helping to increase power and improved fuel economy, whilst the 360° degrees laser welding around the iridium tip ensures full protection and extended durability.

The DENSO Iridium TT range offers an excellent value for money spark plug certain to last over 100,000 miles, whilst improving horsepower and fuel economy and reducing harmful CO, CO2 and HC emissions due to enhanced fuel efficiency.

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DENSO Iridium Super Ignition Spark Plug FXE24HR11


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