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JR Performance Air Filter VW Transporter T5 & T6 2012

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Product Code: F315187

JR Performance Air Filter VW Transporter T5 & T6 2012

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JR Performance Air Filter VW Transporter T6 Multivan Caravelle California T5

  • 1x JR Performance Replacement Air Filter
  • Offers improved horsepower & acceleration
  • Simply fit the Performance performance filter in place of the existing paper air filter
  • Suitable for certain models (check below) of VW Transporter T6 Multivan Caravelle California T5
  • Washable and re-usable
  • Lifetime Warranty included
  • Quality Air Filter brand
  • Fitment Check With Vehicle Registration
  • For Road Use
  • Free Delivery for Orders Over £50 (or £25+ of Air Filters or Valeting products)*

Check F315187 fits your vehicle:

VWTransporter20031.9 TDI1896ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter200321984ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20032.5 TDI2461ccm 130HP 96KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20032.5 TDI2461ccm 174HP 128KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20033.2 4moTion3189ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20033.2 4moTion3189ccm 235HP 173KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20033.2 V63189ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20041.9 TDI1896ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter200421984ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20042.5 TDI2461ccm 130HP 96KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20042.5 TDI2461ccm 174HP 128KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20043.2 4moTion3189ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20043.2 4moTion3189ccm 235HP 173KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20043.2 V63189ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20043.2 V63189ccm 235HP 173KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20051.9 TDI1896ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter200521984ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20052.5 TDI2461ccm 130HP 96KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20052.5 TDI2461ccm 174HP 128KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20053.2 4moTion3189ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20053.2 4moTion3189ccm 235HP 173KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20053.2 V63189ccm 235HP 173KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20061.9 TDI1896ccm 102HP 75KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20061.9 TDI1896ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter200621984ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20062.5 TDI2461ccm 130HP 96KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20062.5 TDI2461ccm 174HP 128KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20063.2 4moTion3189ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20063.2 4moTion3189ccm 235HP 173KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20063.2 V63189ccm 235HP 173KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20071.9 TDI1896ccm 102HP 75KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20071.9 TDI1896ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter200721984ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20072.5 TDI2461ccm 130HP 96KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20072.5 TDI2461ccm 174HP 128KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20073.2 4moTion3189ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20073.2 4moTion3189ccm 235HP 173KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20073.2 V63189ccm 235HP 173KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20081.9 TDI1896ccm 102HP 75KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20081.9 TDI1896ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter200821984ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20082.5 TDI2461ccm 130HP 96KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20082.5 TDI2461ccm 174HP 128KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20083.2 4moTion3189ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20083.2 4moTion3189ccm 235HP 173KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20083.2 V63189ccm 235HP 173KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20091.9 TDI1896ccm 102HP 75KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20091.9 TDI1896ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter200921984ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20092.0 BiTDI1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20092.0 BiTDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20092.0 TDI1968ccm 84HP 62KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20092.5 TDI2461ccm 130HP 96KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20092.5 TDI2461ccm 174HP 128KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20093.2 4moTion3189ccm 231HP 170KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20093.2 4moTion3189ccm 235HP 173KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20093.2 V63189ccm 235HP 173KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter201021984ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20102.0 BiTDI1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20102.0 BiTDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20102.0 TDI1968ccm 84HP 62KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter201121984ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20112.0 BiTDI1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20112.0 BiTDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20112.0 TDI1968ccm 84HP 62KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20112.0 TSI 4motion1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter201221984ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20122.0 BiTDI1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20122.0 BiTDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20122.0 TDI1968ccm 84HP 62KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20122.0 TSI 4motion1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter201321984ccm 115HP 85KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20132.0 BiTDI1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20132.0 BiTDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20132.0 TDI1968ccm 84HP 62KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20132.0 TSI 4motion1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20142.0 BiTDI1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20142.0 BiTDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20142.0 TDI1968ccm 84HP 62KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20142.0 TSI 4motion1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20152.0 BiTDI1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20152.0 BiTDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20152.0 TDI1968ccm 102HP 75KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20152.0 TDI1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20152.0 TDI1968ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20152.0 TDI1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20152.0 TDI1968ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20152.0 TDI1968ccm 84HP 62KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20152.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20152.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20152.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20152.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20152.0 TSI1984ccm 150HP 110KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20152.0 TSI1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20152.0 TSI 4motion1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20162.0 TDI1968ccm 102HP 75KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20162.0 TDI1968ccm 114HP 84KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20162.0 TDI1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20162.0 TDI1968ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20162.0 TDI1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20162.0 TDI1968ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20162.0 TDI1968ccm 84HP 62KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20162.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20162.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20162.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20162.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20162.0 TSI1984ccm 150HP 110KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20162.0 TSI1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20162.0 TSI 4motion1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20172.0 TDI1968ccm 102HP 75KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20172.0 TDI1968ccm 114HP 84KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20172.0 TDI1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20172.0 TDI1968ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20172.0 TDI1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20172.0 TDI1968ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20172.0 TDI1968ccm 84HP 62KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20172.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20172.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20172.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20172.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20172.0 TSI1984ccm 150HP 110KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20172.0 TSI1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20172.0 TSI 4motion1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20182.0 TDI1968ccm 102HP 75KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20182.0 TDI1968ccm 114HP 84KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20182.0 TDI1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20182.0 TDI1968ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20182.0 TDI1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20182.0 TDI1968ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20182.0 TDI1968ccm 84HP 62KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20182.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20182.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20182.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20182.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20182.0 TSI1984ccm 150HP 110KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20182.0 TSI1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20182.0 TSI 4motion1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20192.0 TDI1968ccm 102HP 75KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20192.0 TDI1968ccm 114HP 84KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20192.0 TDI1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20192.0 TDI1968ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20192.0 TDI1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20192.0 TDI1968ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20192.0 TDI1968ccm 84HP 62KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20192.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20192.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20192.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20192.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter20192.0 TSI1984ccm 150HP 110KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20192.0 TSI1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter20192.0 TSI 4motion1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20031.9 TDI1896ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20031.9 TDI1896ccm 85HP 63KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20032.5 TDI2461ccm 130HP 96KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20032.5 TDI2461ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20041.9 TDI1896ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20041.9 TDI1896ccm 85HP 63KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20042.5 TDI2461ccm 130HP 96KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20042.5 TDI2461ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20051.9 TDI1896ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20051.9 TDI1896ccm 85HP 63KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20052.5 TDI2461ccm 130HP 96KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20052.5 TDI2461ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20061.9 TDI1896ccm 102HP 75KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20061.9 TDI1896ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20061.9 TDI1896ccm 84HP 62KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20061.9 TDI1896ccm 85HP 63KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20062.5 TDI2461ccm 130HP 96KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20062.5 TDI2461ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20071.9 TDI1896ccm 102HP 75KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20071.9 TDI1896ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20071.9 TDI1896ccm 84HP 62KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20071.9 TDI1896ccm 85HP 63KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20072.5 TDI2461ccm 130HP 96KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20072.5 TDI2461ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20081.9 TDI1896ccm 102HP 75KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20081.9 TDI1896ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20081.9 TDI1896ccm 84HP 62KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20081.9 TDI1896ccm 85HP 63KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20082.5 TDI2461ccm 130HP 96KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20082.5 TDI2461ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20091.9 TDI1896ccm 102HP 75KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20091.9 TDI1896ccm 105HP 77KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20091.9 TDI1896ccm 84HP 62KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20091.9 TDI1896ccm 85HP 63KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20092.0 BiTDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20092.5 TDI2461ccm 130HP 96KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20092.5 TDI2461ccm 163HP 120KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20102.0 BiTDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20112.0 BiTDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20122.0 BiTDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20132.0 BiTDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20142.0 BiTDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20152.0 BiTDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20152.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20152.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20152.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20152.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20152.0 TSI 4motion1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20162.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20162.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20162.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20162.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20162.0 TSI 4motion1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20172.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20172.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20172.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20172.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20172.0 TSI 4motion1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20182.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20182.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20182.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20182.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20182.0 TSI 4motion1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20192.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 140HP 103KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20192.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 150HP 110KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20192.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 180HP 132KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20192.0 TDI 4motion1968ccm 204HP 150KW (Diesel)
VWTransporter/Caravelle20192.0 TSI 4motion1984ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
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Additional Information

SKU F315187
Brand JR Filters
Manufacturer JR Filters
Condition New
Certification TÜV
Weight 1.0000
Quantity in pack 1
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JR Filters Lifetime Warranty

This warranty is valid for the first owner of the product only.

What Does This Warranty Cover?

This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship of the JR Filter product, with exceptions below.

This warranty does not cover damage due to transportation, storage, improper use, failure to follow the instructions, performing any preventive maintenance, modifications, unauthorised repair, normal wear and tear, any type of racing or competition, any off-road use, or external causes such as accidents, abuse, or other actions or events beyond our reasonable control.

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The product code (SKU) for this product is: F315187
K&N Filters: 33-2867
MANN: C32191
OE: 7H0129620A
Cross Referencing: Manufacturer's Part Numbers are for reference only.
JR Filters Banner

JR Filters are TÜV approved Performance Air Filters, bringing Increased Performance with a Lifetime Warranty.

JR Filters are excellent when compared with other known air filter brands, due to the quality of design and manufacture.

Each filter is washable and re-usable and comes with a Lifetime Warranty for the first owner. Clean the filter after 20,000km - there's no need to replace them.

They're very simple to fit - just drop it in in place of the standard paper filter, and enjoy better performance straight away!

Find out more about JR Filters here, including a comparison of top air filter brand performance from Fast Car magazine.

JR Filters - Better Performance

  • Improved horsepower
  • Improved acceleration
  • Easy to fit
  • TÜV approved
  • Lifetime warranty for first owner
  • Great value

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JR Performance Air Filter VW Transporter T5 & T6 2012

Regular Price: £44.99

Special Price £40.79

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