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DENSO Iridium TT Spark Plugs

DENSO Spark Plugs

DENSO Iridium TT Performance Spark Plugs

DENSO’s range of Iridium TT spark plugs are designed to give drivers an uplift in horsepower and performance whilst maintaining a standard of excellence that DENSO have been setting since 1959.

Featuring innovative, forward thinking technology, DENSO develop and manufacture all of their spark plugs in-house, conforming to QS 9000 and ISO 9000 standards as they produce spark plugs that offer a significant upgrade on stock spark plugs, whilst enhancing both durability and reliability.

DENSO’s Iridium TT spark plug range is at the forefront of improving vehicles acceleration due to the twin-tip technology that incorporates a 0.4mm iridium centre electrode and a 0.7mm platinum ground electrode.

The smaller electrodes allow for far less obstruction for the spark, which allows for a more complete combustion, resulting in more power and improved fuel economy compared to traditional spark plugs.

DENSO Iridium TT feature:

  • Twin-tip technology allows for omni-directional ignition compared to the regular flat sandwich ignition produced by original spark plugs
  • Smallest mass-produced center electrode available in a 0.4mm iridium centre electrode
  • 0.7mm platinum ground electrode helps to reduce quenching effect, the smallest ground electrode without reducing grounding strength or increasing electrode wear
  • Iridium combined with rhodium to build a durable alloy resisting oxidation and voltage wear
  • 360° degrees laser welding around iridium tip which helps to resist wear and extends durability

DENSO spark plugs offer an excellent value for money performance upgrade offering superior ignitability, improved throttle response, fuel economy and extended service lift, whilst helping to reduce CO, CO2 and HC emissions.

The DENSO Iridium TT range offers drivers beyond 100,000 miles of use whilst producing a technologically advanced spark plug ahead of anything else in the market.

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