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AlloyGator Exclusive

Alloy Wheel Rim/Trim Protection from AlloyGator

AlloyGator is the leading brand in alloy wheel rim/trim protection, providing a quality product that looks great while reducing curb damage.

With 15 difference colours available, designed as one-size-fits-all (wheel sizes from 12" to 24"), AlloyGator is perfect for most cars. 4-packs, and single packs, are available.


Black AlloyGators are barely noticeable at a glance, giving your car better wheel protection without any significant change in appearance.


A set of different colour AlloyGators can be used to enhance wheel appearance - try the colour selector below to find a style that suits your vehicle.


Alloy Wheel Rim Protectors by AlloyGator look great on customised cars, and offer a very simple way to customise a car - it's likely you'll be able to find a match for your colour of choice below.

Please note that we do not stock the discontinued version - we only provide the current "Exclusive" AlloyGator, including better grip to the wheel and a smoother curved surface.

Order your set of AlloyGators today!

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Find the right AlloyGator to suit your car and alloy wheel colour below.

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